is a dating website that’s supposed to help men from all over the world meet beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine.

The website is destined for those who are ready to start a family and are interested in women with traditional values, and at first glance it looks very promising. But it soon becomes obvious that Find-Bride can’t help anyone find love.

What is

Owned by a company based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Find-Bride claims to help men find smart, family-oriented women from Eastern Europe.

It’s made clear that this is not a mail-order bride website but a traditional dating service, where people get to know each other and develop deep bonds. Of course, since the women live in Ukraine and Russia, meeting them in person is very difficult.

But apparently Find-Bride is willing to help, supporting the male users with everything they need when going to meet their new love interests.

The company will help them books hotels, will and even put them in contact with interpreters if needed. Men can also send flowers and gifts, which will be delivered in as little as 3 days.

These are some very impressive claims, but apparently the company collaborates with agencies in Russia and Ukraine that are always ready to assist the men.

And of course, as one would expect given all these promises, the services is not free. Sure, registration and some amount of contact with the women is indeed free. But communicating with women in whom the user is actually interested in will cost them money.

The fees are smaller than on similar websites, but they add up and maintaining contact with that special someone becomes expensive quick enough. Especially as communication outside the website is prohibited, at least until the couple is ready to meet in person.

How does Find-Bride work?

One great trait of Find-Bride is that it allows visitors to see the profiles on the website without registering. This is exactly how a dating website should work, letting visitors know exactly what they’re signing up for. Visitors can browse profiles based on age and other criteria, and see them in their entirety.

Even before opening a profile, the visitor can see the name, age, height and weight of the woman, and once inside, they have access to much more detailed information.

He can see all the pictures of the woman, her education, current occupation, religious beliefs and much more.

He can also read about her goals on the website, but unfortunately he can’t watch her introductory video.

Somehow, all women on Find-Bride have created videos in which they present themselves, and this is only the first red flag.

On the profile, the visitor will also see the options to message or the email the woman, send her a letter, chat or video chat.

Again, it’s surprising that all women have webcams that they’re willing to use for conversations with the men on the website. But none of these features are available without registering on Find-Bride first, which is perfectly reasonable.

Still, once the visitor goes to the registration page, they’ll notice something very unusual: women can’t create profiles on Find-Bride. Well, this is the second unusual trait of this website, because the one that pops right when entering it is the high percentage of beautiful women.

In fact, 100% of women on Find-Bride are very attractive, and half of the pictures look like they’ve been taken by professionals.

Even more surprising, many of these women are not very young, and still look like they could be models. Clearly, they’re selected based on their appearance alone, and this is only part of the reason why there is no option for creating a profile as a woman.

As it turns out, all of them access the website through their respective agencies. And upon discovering this, the visitor might ask themselves why would a women who is looking for love need an agency.

Well, she wouldn’t, but this is how this business works. Find-Bride, the agencies and the women make money by convincing vulnerable men that that they’ve finally found love.

Which explains why all women have all the equipment they need to communicate with the men on the website and are willing to create presentation videos. The longer they stay in touch with the men, the more money they’ll make.

For every form of communication, Find-Bride has a fee. Viewing the videos, sending emails, chatting and video chatting are all charged with “credits”.

The paid for subscriptions do come with some free emails, but since they’re never enough, credits also have to be purchased in various packages. And those who sign up for the free subscription will absolutely have to buy them if they want to have any activity on the website.

How much a credit is worth depends entirely on the package that it’s purchased in. For example, 40 credits will cost the user $30, but 1,000 will cost them $470.

There are a number of packages in between, and the average value is around $0.50. Also, the fee (in credits) for each action varies depending on the subscription option chosen by the user.

The subscriptions

The first option is the Bronze subscription. It’s completely free, and it allows the user to create a complete profile on the website. They will be able to enter the details that are typically presented on dating websites, including physical traits, pictures, goals and interests.

But unlike other dating websites, Find-Bride doesn’t display the profiles of men. We assume that only the women can see these profiles, which is odd to say the least. But after the profile is completed, the new subscriber can receive emails from the women. And that’s about it, because everything else is available in exchange for a fee.

Answering an email will cost the subscriber 8 credits, and chatting will be charged with 1 credit per minute. And it’s worth noting that starting a conversation will automatically charge the user for 2 minutes of chat, even of they’ve only sent one sentence.

That’s the policy, and we appreciate that the company discloses it to visitors. And it applies to text and video chat alike, so users don’t have to pay extra for being able to see their conversation partner.

But viewing an introductory video will cost the subscriber 4 credits, so those who will want to know more about many different women (as it’s normal on a dating website) will have to be ready for large expenses.

The website also allows users to purchase gifts, and more interesting, letters. These letters might seem like an unusual concept for those who are not familiar with international dating websites, but they’re actually just translated messages.

Many of the women on Find-Bride (seemingly) don’t speak English, so the letters are very much mandatory for those who want to communicate with their love interests at a more personal level. They can’t do it any other way, because the company doesn’t allow communication outside the website.

Unless of course if the man is willing to pay for the personal details (phone number for example) of the woman, and she approves his request. This will cost him 100 credits if he chose the Bronze membership, so around $50.

But this purchase is more affordable for those who chose the Silver membership. In this case, personal details will cost the subscriber 80 credits.

Silver is available for $9.99 a month, and surprisingly, it doesn’t include any number of credits. But it does have more affordable fees, and includes 10 introductory emails.

Follow-up emails on the other hand will cost the subscriber 6 credits, while chat will cost them 0.6 credits per minute. Introductory videos will cost them 2 credits, but just like in the case of the Bronze membership, nothing is mentioned about that price of the letters. We assume that it depends on the length of the text among other factors.

Next we have the Gold membership, which is available for $29.99. The fees are similar to those which apply for the Silver membership, and the difference is made only by the number of free emails.

Gold comes with 20 free introductory emails and 15 free follow-up emails. Still, just like in the case of the Silver membership, it’s not mentioned what happens when the subscriber runs out of free emails. Will they be charged? If so, how much? Or do they have to use chat instead? It’s hard to say.

But the Platinum membership comes with a higher number of emails, 30 introductory and 20 follow-ups. It’s available for $39.99, and if this seems expensive, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Because the last membership, Diamond, is outright ludicrous. It will cost the user $500 a month, and in exchange they’ll receive 600 credits to use as they please.

It also includes 100 free follow-up emails, but no free introductory emails. And those who are interested must keep in mind that all these subscriptions most likely renew automatically.

The website doesn’t offer any kind of information on the topic, but chances are this is exactly how they work. It’s stated that clients who want to cancel the service must contact the company directly, so auto-renewal is a safe assumption.

What are the pros?

Well, Find-Bride promises that men will get to meet beautiful women, and they are indeed very good looking. They’re also 100% real, which is something that is not very common on dating websites. But there’s a good reason for that, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with wanting to keep spammers off the website.

The company claims that the website has “strong anti-scam protection”, but there’s no need for such a system since women can’t create profiles. Each of them is chosen, most likely only based on their looks.

What are the cons?

The only way to create a profile on this website as a woman is by contacting a local agency in Ukraine or Russia. This is very odd in itself, but what makes it even more unusual is the fact that each women has to sign paperwork before joining the website.

She has to agree with certain terms and conditions, and she also has to provide a copy of her passport. This is not normal for a dating website, but it’s the usual practice for adult video chat. This is not to say that Find-Bride offers this kind of service, not at all. But the business works based on the same principle.

Men pay to talk to women via webcam and other means of communication, and while the company claims that the women are not paid for being active on the website, they actually are.

Women are only joining because they’re rewarded for their efforts, and unfortunately the men who invest their time, money and emotions have no chance of finding love. And this is the real problem with this website, not the practice itself. It misleads the users and damages them both financially and emotionally. Chances are they’ll never get to meet these women, and according to customer reviews, this is the least of the problems.

Find-Bride has an impressive number of customer reviews on many different websites, but most of them are fake. But there are also more than enough real reviews, and those who are interested in Find-Bride can see exactly what kind of damage it can do.

First, as soon as the user creates a profile, they’re bombarded with messages from women who are interested in him, sometimes in the hundreds. He doesn’t even have time to answer them all, never mind enough credits. Sooner or later he finds someone that he’s very interested in, and the expenses start rising.

And the messages and not necessarily from the women at all. It seem that one person (female or male) is in charge of a number of profiles, and the women don’t really do anything before the users are ready to chat.

Also, some women have complained about the website using their personal information long after they have stopped their activity.

Lastly, some users have stated that some women do indeed practice adult video chat through this website. It’s safe to assume that it doesn’t really matter what takes place as long as it brings in money. Again, this is not a problem in itself, but the men who pay to join this website are looking for serious relationships.

Bottom line

Find-Bride is a good choice for any man who is willing to pay in exchange for conversations with beautiful women. But this is not in any way a dating website, and those who attempt to use it as such can only be disappointed.

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